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ClearSite Communications, Inc.

ClearSite Communications, Inc. is a software and hardware engineering and product development company. Focused on the outdoor security space, we have developed a complete platform that allows cameras and sensors to be deployed at remote locations rapidly and cost effectively.
ClearSite products fill a specific void in the security space by offering a unique set of features. The PPU (Perpetual Power Unit) provides the hardware and software components necessary for rapid, secure, and reliable deployment of cameras and sensors in remote environments. The PPU is changing the way remote deployments are implemented. With a single cost effective platform that provides power for cameras, sensor processing, secure communications, and long battery backup, deployment of a remote site is simplified and the stability and reliability of operation is greatly improved. The PPU provides the resources necessary to implement sites consisting of a mix of equipment from many manufacturers. It has been the centerpoint for years in installations around the world, protecting critical assets.

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